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Laminar Air Flow

PVLF - Laminar Air Flow Bench
Laminar Air Flow Bench
Providing particle free air to (Class 100 conditions) assure 99.97% removal of airborne particles as 0-3 microns in the work area - Vertical Ultra clean air moves at a velocity of approx . 90; 20 feet per minute. Complete with HEPA Filters, Pre filters, U.V. Tube, Motor Blower, Manometer, Gas Cock, Transparent Acrylic Sheet Front and Side Doors with stand. Workable on 220 / 230 volts A.C.
Items No. Working area Size of HEPA Illumination
PLF-1 2'x2'x2' 2'x2'x6" 1X20W
PLF-2 3'x2'x2' 3'x 2'x 6" 1X20W
PLF-3 4'x2'x2' 4'x2'x6" 2X40W
PLF-4 6'x2'x 2' 3'x2'x 6" 2X40W
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